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Battery Design Checklist


By Walt Maclay

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Use this checklist to ensure successful designs when using Lithium batteries.


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Lithium batteries have been a mainstay in device designs ranging from cell phones to life-saving wearable medical devices. Battery safety is critical to any design to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the device.

But battery failure can lead to overheating, device malfunction, and user injury.

Engineers at Voler Systems have decades of experience designing devices using Lithium batteries. We use the checklist to ensure successful designs when using Lithium batteries.

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Walt Maclay
Walt Maclay

About the Author

Walt Maclay is the president and founder of Voler Systems, founded in 1979 and now one of the top electronic design firms in Silicon Valley. Voler Systems is committed to delivering quality electronic products that are easy to manufacture, on time, and on budget.

Voler Systems provides design development, risk assessment, and verification of new devices for medical, consumer, and industrial applications. Voler is particularly experienced in designing wearable and IoT devices, using its skill with sensors and wireless technology.

Mr. Maclay has been active in several consultant organizations and is a senior life member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

He is a reviewer for NSF SBIR grants and has mentored dozens of startup companies. Voler Systems is a member of a technology consortium, the Product Realization Group, which provides all the services to design and introduce new hardware products.

Mr. Maclay holds a BSEE degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University.