Voler Systems Presents:
"Cybersecurity: Don’t Let the FDA Derail Your
Medical Device Launch."


Tuesday, March 19, 2024
12:00 - 1:00 PM Pacific Time

Online Webinar


Chris Gate

Have you heard that medical devices are now required to be secure before being approved by the FDA? If you haven't had the time to look into the details, then this presentation is for you.

Christopher Gates, a recognized leader in medical device cybersecurity and the Director of Product Security at Velentium, will be presenting a 30-minute overview of the current requirements for either your new or your modified medical devices to be approved for market.

The solution to meeting these requirements is to start implementing them as soon as possible – delaying this while developing your new medical device, will only create unnecessary trouble down the road. Christopher will also be available for a Q&A period following the presentation to address any other medical device cybersecurity questions that you may have.


  • Christopher Gates, Director of Product Security at Velentium

Christopher Gates is the Director of Product Security at Velentium. He has over 30+ years of experience developing and securing medical devices for numerous industry-leading device manufacturers and frequently collaborates with regulatory and standard bodies including CISA, HSCC, OWASP, Bluetooth SIG, IEEE, and the SBOM Forum to present, define, and codify tools, techniques, and processes that enable the creation of secure medical devices. He has currently been elected as H-ISAC’s MDM Co-chair for the Medical Device Security Council.

Velentium is a full-service CDMO with 100% in-house capability to design, develop, and manufacture anything from Class II Wearables to Class III Active Implantable Medical Devices. They specialize in active implantables, leads, programmers, and accessories across a wide range of indications such as  neuromodulation,  including deep brain stimulation (DBS), cardiac management, and diabetes management.

Please join Voler Systems for this insightful session on March 19, 2024.