Voler Systems Presented:

How to Successfully Bring a Product to Market
Webinar Recorded on March 16, 2022

Is your R&D on mute?

Advances in component technology have enabled new design and development options for a host of medical and consumer medical devices.  Material science, miniaturization, higher capacities, and manufacturing process improvements all can contribute to better, faster, cheaper products. Wow!  But technology (and a great dev team) alone don’t ensure an on-time, on-budget launch nor market uptake.

 How do companies and entrepreneurs get ahead of the game, given equal access to new technologies?  Where and when in the development process should you double down your bets? How can you uberize your innovation, and for uptake among which segments and customers?

View the presentation and discussion on how to increase the odds of successfully bringing a product to market.

Jessica ChingSpeaker:

  • Jessica Ching, Digital Health Commercialization Innovator, Speaker & Executive

    Jessica Ching is a go-to-market specialist who has helped companies bring successful products to market. She specializes in consumer medical devices and digital health channels, covering overall launch strategy, branding, partnerships, and commercial operations.  Her expertise draws from work at Dexcom, Abbott Labs, Bosch Telehealth, Body Media/Jawbone, RSP Systems, and XPRIZE.

    Walt Maclay, Voler Systems

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